There are plenty of breakfast options these days in the market. From muesli to flakes and granola to breakfast bars. Make sure you fuel your body with a healthy start and choose a wholesome and nutritious breakfast cereal for yourself and for your family. Many recipes can be made at home too, you can almost find all the ingredients you need at a health food store. Nutritionists recommend that you should not skip this meal as it helps keep you feeling energised and perform better during the day.

Grains have existed for thousands of years. Millets, sorghum, oats, whole grain and many others have been part of our diets for a very long time. However these days we have the research to back up the benefits of the grains that we find in our cereals for breakfast these days.

One of the most popular grains that nutritionists recommend is the whole grain. Really this should be should be a part of all meals, filling about a third of your plate. Whole grains come in two forms, these are refined or unrefined. Whole grains are unrefined and whole, while the refined grains have been stripped of their outer bran coating and inner germ. A healthy breakfast cereal should contain whole grain.

There are many benefits of the whole grain. One benefit of whole grain is that it is full of fiber and unrefined whole grain forms provide far more nutrients than the refined grains. Another great fact is that they are also rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which help to protect against heart disease.

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